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Lab Services Pricing & Preparation instructions

PLEASE NOTE: shipped materials will not be accepted without a scheduled appointment of receipt.

Orchid Seed Flasking, preparation instructions:
Wrap seed pods in such a way as to insure seed from loss if pod cracks during shipment and pack in sturdy containers.  Never wrap pod in plastic or similar material as condensation of moisture causes conditions for contamination.  Dry seed may be stored and shipped in paper envelopes.  Give each pod an identification number and state the number of mother flasks and replated (final) flasks desired.  It is helpful if you include the genus.  This information will help us select the correct media and growing conditions.

Overnight delivery is recommended for green pods and we prefer green pods to dry seed as green pods have a higher chance of producing good germination.

Seed replates are planted 40 plants/flask (500ml Erlenmeyer) with no guarantee as to the number or quality of plants that survive.  You will be contacted when your replates are ready.

Mother Flasks (green pod)

-1st Mother flask $20/flask

-Additional Mother Flasks of the same cross $5/flask

-Additional charge for dry split pod seed $5/flask

-Ploidy treatment (oryzalin) $25/treatment

Replated Flasks (final flasks container charge included, no flask deposit charge)

1-4, $20/flask

5-9, $17/flask

10+ $14/flask

All replates are made in plastic containers, if you prefer glass, they are available for an additional charge.

Orchid Meristem Culture, preparation instructions
Currently cloning:  Cymbidium, Cattleya, Oncidium

Please note:  For cloning we need a new growth.  Please contact the lab to find out if we can clone the particular orchid that you are interested in cloning and to find out the correct size needed for the new growth.  For cymbidium meristem culture we need a large growth approximately 10-14” in height.  Please note that we are not currently cloning phalaenopsis.

You may send the new growth in or bring the whole plant in and we will remove the new growth for you.  The plant will be tested for virus, unless you have done so recently.  Clone prices are per plant per clone.   You will be contacted when your replates are ready.

If you send in your growth, please give each clone an ID number and state the number of plantlets desired, in multiples of 40.  Clones are planted 40/flask, you will be contacted when your replates are ready.

Pricing is done per clone.  If more than one clone is done, prices are for the quantity of that particular clone.

40 plants (1 flask), $3.50/plant

80 plants (2 flasks), $2/plant

200 plants (5 flasks), $1.50/plant

400 plants (10 flasks), $1/plant

800 plants (20 flasks), $.85/plant

Flask Charge, $2/flask

Ploidy Treatment (oryzalin), $25/treatment

Virus test, $8/sample

  •  All orders for new customers must be accompanied by payment for the mother flasks and 50% of the replated (final) flasks ordered before work will begin.  The final 50% will be due when the flasks are ready.
  • Replated flasks not picked up or shipped within 30 days of notice are subject to a storage fee of $2/flask/month.
  • No work will be done for customers with a past due balance without special arrangements.
  • Current customers who do not pay their bill within our terms of net 30 days will be required to pay for 50% of the replate cost before the work will be done.  The final 50% will be due when the flasks are ready.
  • There is a $.20/flask packing charge ($3 minimum) for orders that we ship.
  • Shipping charges apply at prevailing rates.
  • Prices subject to change without notice.