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Laboratory Services

Gallup & Stribling labs provides full laboratory services with integrity to the commercial and hobbyist orchid grower, both in the US and internationally. Our laboratory has been in business for over 50 years. It is one of the largest plant tissue culture labs in the USA dedicated solely to the propagation of orchids.


If you are new to our laboratory services, please visit the various sections of our laboratory services. Should you have any additional questions please contact us directly and we will be happy to discuss our requirements and processes in further detail.

Please note: You must contact the laboratory before sending any material.
Please see cost and payment guidelines for details.

Germination & Replating

Starting at
$20 per flask


From seed to flask to farm

1st Mother flask $20/flask
Additional Mother Flasks of the same cross $5/flask

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Meristem Cloning

Starting at
$10 per plant


Traditional cloning plus rigorous DNA testing

80 plants (2 flasks), $2/plant
800 plants (20 flasks), $0.85/plant

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Ploidy Change Treatment

Starting at


Looks for genetic changes in chromosomes

Flask Charge, $2/flask
Virus test, $8/sample

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