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Our Responsibility

At Gallup & Stribling Orchids we believe in producing a beautiful, long lasting flower while honoring and respecting our environment.

At Gallup & Stribling Orchids we have researched and implemented the most environmentally friendly farming methods without compromising the quality of our beautiful product. We use the following earth friendly methods to grow long lasting, beautiful flowers while at the same time caring for our earth and our natural resources.

Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is used throughout our greenhouses to control pest populations. The strategy of using “goodbugs” dining on “bad bugs” allows us to make use of a combination of environmentally smart techniques to suppress pests. Some of the techniques include physical barriers, natural predators to feed on pest, and automated greenhouse ventilation controls. These natural techniques allow us to use pesticides infrequently, if at all. Pest Management with respect to our environment is a battle that is won with decades of commercial farming experience.

Sticky bug-catching tape

Sticky bug-catching tape is also placed throughout our greenhouses to stop bugs in their tracks. As part of our Integrated Pest Management program, sticky tape is specially designed to attract certain pest by using bright colors and insect attractants. This sticky tape knocks down pest populations while alerting our growers well in advance so that we can address specific pest as needed.


Passive heating and cooling reduce our energy usage by about 40% implementing the use of shade curtains, heat curtains, and a temperature controlled swamp cooling system, we keep our plants at the perfect temperature while keeping our energy usage low. Our ventilation system utilizes a negative pressure design to allow sufficient airflow and discourage pest populations from establishing.


Composting is done on a daily basis. All product clippings from bouquet production as well as production activities are methodically collected for the composter. This mixture is then used as a rich mulch for plant nourishment. This allows us to minimize waste and maximize fertilizer efficiency.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is used as a soil preparation for new plantings. This starts our production off with a clean landscape by eliminating any existing weeds or disease from the soil. Steam cleaning the soil has the benefit of being cost-efficient and environmentally friendly compared to the toxic fumigation methods.

Water ♻

Daily we re-circulate and re-use 5000 gallons of water through our hydroponic watering system. Nutrients are injected into our irrigation water at specific rates to supply the perfect amount of fertilizer to each plant. The design of our irrigation system means we can use just the fertilizer we need and avoid potentially harmful water discharge into the environment.


We offer our bouquets wrapped in biodegradable sleeves and have developed our “stay-put” in-store display vase, made from recycled bulb crates. Using sustainable packing materials is one part of our dedication to preserving Earth’s resources for future farmer generations. Our bouquet assembly line workers are our final level of quality assurance where only the best flowers are packed and shipped.