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Frequently Asked Questions


How often do I water my orchid and should I be using fertilizers?

Water orchid once per week if it is planted in bark (wood chip texture).

Water orchid once every 14 days if it is planted in moss (soft mossy texture).

Fertilize one time per month after blooms have expired.

How can I make my Phalaenopsis rebloom?

Once all blooms have expired, examine the stem and follow to the base where it meets the leaves.  Then count upward to the second node (imperfection) on the plant stem.  Cut above this node.  Water as usual and fertilize once monthly

My leaves turned yellow, what do I do?

If your leaves have turned yellow, they likely need less water or more light or a combination of both.  Check the potting medium to be sure the plant is not in sitting water, it is important to make sure medium had a chance to drain well before replacing in a decorative container.  If there is a chance you’ve overwatered or its sitting in water let the plant air out a bit and perhaps wait slightly longer or until the medium is dry until next watering.  Your plant could also be suffering from a lack of indirect bright light.  If that is the case try to relocate the plant in your home or office to an area near bright diffused or indirect light.

Why do my orchid leaves look wrinkly?

Wrinkly leaves could be due to a lack of water on a regular basis.  Please refer to general care.

What environment is best to display my new orchids in the home?

Orchids do best in an area that is 65-75 out of the way of drafts and in an area that receives bright indirect or diffused sunlight.

How do I know if my orchid needs repotting?

Orchids thrive in a crammed environment. However, if your plant is beginning to really bulge or even crack, now would be the time to repot.

My orchid has roots growing everywhere out of the top of the pot. Is that a problem?

No problem at all. This is a sign of healthy new root growth.

Why won’t my orchid rebloom? What am I doing wrong?

Getting your orchid to rebloom may take some time and patience. Making sure it is in the right environment and receiving regular care is key, add in patience and hopefully you will see new growth. This cannot be guaranteed.

What is the best potting material to use?

Both bark and moss are good medium for potting your Phalaenopsis. If you are repotting, use like medium to what the plant was originally potted. The bark requires to be watered more frequently whereas moss retains the moisture a bit more and will require less watering; those are the main noticeable differences.

Do orchids need to be pruned to shape them?

No orchids when pushing out a new spike will come to a natural and beautiful shape all on their own.

The flowers fell off my orchid – Is the plant dead?

No your plant is not dead. With continued care as you have been doing, good conditions and fertilizer you may see your orchid rebloom within 3-4 months.


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